Product Feature: Embrace

Look at any magazine in the world and you’ll find a woman who has a beautifully curvy body. Many women don’t realize how unnatural those curves are, as most of the magazines you’ll find in the world use a great amount of photo editing to make the models look much better than they look in real life. Because of this women find themselves going through huge hurdles to get the body that they believe they want to have. In the United States, plastic surgery is on the rise thanks to the many advertisers and actresses there are out there who make women believe that they have to undergo a great deal in order to look their best.

Enhancing with Embrace?

What many women don’t realize is that there are ways to get their bodies to look beautiful without having to go under the knife. One product, Embrace, is a topical cream and herbal capsule program that is designed to work with the body to help women to obtain the curves that they are after. Using all natural ingredients, the company claims that they can help a woman to increase their bust size up to two full cup sizes in as little as six months. Any woman who has had small breasts through her life will be delighted with results like that, but is the product one that comes through on its promises?

Knowing the Ingredients

Any woman should know the ingredients of a product before the purchase it, no matter what type of product it is. Embrace uses a variety of natural, herbal ingredients that are mixed together to create what they believe is the best formula for growing chest tissue on the market. While the ingredients include most of the same types of ingredients that can be found in some of the more popular enhancement products on the market, including Saw Palmetto and Fennel, it does include a few ingredients that are not often seen, such as dong Quai, Damiana, and Dandelion.

It is also good to note that the product is not simply pills or creams but is, actually, both. In order to use the product as requested by the manufacturer, the consumer is asked to take two pills twice a day, once in the morning and once before they go to bed. They are also asked to moisten the chest tissue and to rub the cream into the area, for two minutes at a time, at least twice a day.

Is It Trustworthy?

Whenever a woman is ordering a product that makes claims such as the makers of Embrace make, it’s easy to be skeptical. Can pills and a cream make you have a larger bust area? Absolutely they can. Does this combination make your chest size grow larger? The reviews seem to say so. Fortunately this company has a 100 day money-back guarantee, allowing for a woman to send the product back, with no questions asked, if she does not get the results that she was hoping to get.

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