Why Some Breasts Simply Don’t Grow

Millions of women around the world are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, and even though some women want to use breast enhancement cream in order to attract someone special, many want a larger bust line simply because they do not like the way they currently look. During the course of normal development, a woman’s chest area is supposed to be proportionate to her body. Sometimes, however, this does not happen, and when it doesn’t, the result is a body that doesn’t look proportionate at all.

Smaller Chest

How is it that a smaller chest is often the result if a woman is supposed to have a chest area that goes along with the size of her body? It’s all about hormones. In a woman, estrogen is what causes the tissues in the chest to grow. It is because of estrogen that a woman’s body starts to mature and to look more feminine as she grows up. It causes a number of things to happen, from the voice leveling out to the features becoming less child-like and more delicate, and it also is what causes a young girl to find that she needs a training bra.

In some instances a woman’s estrogen doesn’t work correctly. She will get some of the estrogen that she is supposed to get but she won’t get all that she’s supposed to get. When this happens a woman’s chest area will not grow the size that it should have grown to and she will be stuck with a smaller bust area than she should have had. This causes many women to have self-esteem problems and is the cause for more than one woman looking to get plastic surgery or for a breast enhancement cream in order to increase the size of the bra she needs.

Natural Methods

Women are now being led to believe that the only way they can get the size of the chest that they want is going to be to undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, while effective as a means of making the chest grow, is extremely painful and very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars for a procedure that will likely have to be re-done in ten years. What women don’t realize is that because hormones are what causes the chest to grow, and because hormones are natural, it’s easy to get the chest to grow a bit larger using natural means.

There are a number of breast enhancement creams that are designed to help women to grow their chest area larger. These creams use natural herbs in order to coerce the estrogen to increase the tissue a bit larger so that the body has the shape that it was originally supposed to have.

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