How Does Estrogen Help the Chest to Grow?

Remember back in science class in high school? Back when you learned all about how the human body worked? Back when you had to take a drop of your blood to type it and when you learned all about genomes and chromosomes? While some people were paying a great deal of attention, others had a hard time understanding all of the different factors and how everything went into making the human body. There is a lot to know about how a body is formed, and the fact that things in the body keep it changing as a person grows.

Estrogen and Women

Women need estrogen. It is what helps their body to do what it is supposed to do. It brings on menstruation and is what causes a great deal of frustration for women who are going through menopause. Estrogen is responsible for a number of things, including for the size of a woman’s chest. Estrogen flows up to the chest area and causes the tissue to expand, creating a chest that makes a woman look and feel feminine.

Some women believe that the size of their chest is genetic, and, in a way, they’re right. While women who have a mother with a small chest can have a larger chest themselves, or vice versa, the chest does not juts grow to the size that it becomes simply because of genetics. It is, in fact, the estrogen that causes the chest to grow.

Using Creams to Make Them Larger

Women who do not like the size of their chest can use breast enhancement creams to help them to make their chest larger. How do these creams work? They work by either reactivating, or by reintroducing, estrogen into the chest area. These creams are designed to make the estrogen inflate the tissues in the bust, allowing women who had an A sized cup to get a chest that is one or two cup sizes larger.

While not all breast enhancement creams work, there are many that do, and finding the right cream is up to the woman who wants to have her chest larger. There are many different creams out there and they all use different ingredients, so any woman should make sure that she chooses the cream that has the ingredients that are designed to help her to gain mass in her chest by doing a bit of research before she orders anything.

Estrogen is very important, and a breast enlargement cream can help a woman to adjust the size of her bust from being small to being larger and more firm, allowing her to harness the power of the estrogen that’s in her body.

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