Can Men Use Them?

Can breast enhancer creams actually help men to grow a chest? Some people don’t feel comfortable in the body that they’re born in. There are many women who feel as though they should have been born male. These women usually choose to have a mastectomy and to add testosterone into their bodies in order to appear as masculine on the outside as they feel on the inside. They are able, thanks to surgery and hormones, to change the way that they look so that they can feel more normal and comfortable in their bodies. But what about men who feel as though they’re in the wrong body?

Becoming Feminine

Many men who are choosing to become a woman so that they can feel more comfortable in their body have to go through juts as arduous journey as the women who choose to change their sex. These men usually add estrogen into their bodies. What most men don’t realize, however, is that men already have estrogen running through their bodies. Estrogen is important in a man for regulating the function of the male reproductive track. While a woman gets her estrogen from her ovaries, a man gets his from other places, including from the testis. Men who are elderly actually often have more estrogen in their bodies than women who are going through menopause do.

There are a number of things that happen when a man started taking estrogen supplements. His voice gets higher and he starts having more feminine traits. One thing that many men are happy with is that their chest starts to grow. Thanks to the estrogen, a bust line can start to be seen once a man has been on estrogen therapy for a certain amount of time.

Not Enough

This therapy, however, is often not enough to give a man the look that he’s after. It will increase the bust line a bit but not as much as most men who are becoming would like. Breast enhancement creams can help. These creams are designed to work by targeting one area of the body, not the entire body. By running the cream onto the chest a man is able to focus the estrogen in his body into the chest area, allowing the tissues to have a great chance of expanding and of growing into the chest that a woman would be proud of.

While a breast enlargement cream is not the same thing as plastic surgery, it’s often better, allowing either a man, or a woman, to get a wonderful chest without having to go through expense or the hassle of having to undergo plastic surgery and of having implants in.

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