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Benefil Review: Joyce

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I’m one of those people who tends to be up late in the evening, or, rather, early in the morning. Around two or three in the morning there are always tons of infomercials on. These infomercials are usually very boring and hold no appeal to me. Then, one day, I saw an infomercial about a […]

Benefil Review: Devon

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The internet is a truly amazing thing. It stopped me from going through an unnecessary and completely painful surgery. How did it stop me from having surgery? By letting me read Benefil reviews. Let me backtrack here a minute. I’ve always had a small chest area. When I was growing up, guys used to pick […]

Benefil Review: Jason

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My wife has never liked the size of her breasts. She has always complained that she wanted them to be larger, and while I would always tell her that I had no problem with her chest and loved the way she looked, secretly I too sort of longed for a wife who filled out a […]

Benefil Review: Emily

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One thing that I have to say before I say anything else is that this Benefil review is coming from someone who has been using the product for two years now. Before I purchased the product, I was suffering from breasts that had begun to sag. I am only 35 years old, and I was […]

Benefil Review: Mariney

Benefil Review: Mariney

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When you grow up and you have a large chest, you get picked on. It’s that point during your life that you want to have smaller, more natural looking breasts. The only problem, however, it that things change as girls grow into women. Suddenly those girls who had large chest areas are getting the looks, […]

Benefil Review: Sarah

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Genetics is a funny thing. I have two sisters. Both of my sisters favor my mother, meaning that they’re fairly short and have very nice figures. Then there’s me – I’m the odd woman out. I don’t look anything like my sisters or my mother when it comes to my figure. I actually take after […]

Benefil Review: Susan

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I’ve never had a large chest area. Whenever I went to buy clothes or, for God’s sake, a bra, I would be completely embarrassed. I had a small enough chest to purchase training bras. The biggest problem I had was that I never felt sexy. The clothes that I bought hung great on me – […]

Benefil Review: Elaine

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I’m a mother to three children and a grandmother to five. I did not have young, perky breasts. I used to have the type of chest that women would kill for when I was younger. In my twenties it seemed like my chest would always be there; that it was something that I would never […]