Breast Actives Review: Fatima

Everyone is scare of something, right? I’m scared of anesthesia. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve watched one too many shows about how some people actually wake up while they’re under anesthesia and how they feel everything that is going on during whatever procedure they’re having. How they know when a surgeon is cutting, and what the doctors and nurses are saying. Even just writing about this condition gives me the creeps!

Because I was so scared of going under anesthesia, I never once thought about going to a plastic surgeon. Oh I wanted to, believe me. I really wanted to have a breast enlargement done. I had wanted implants since I was 17 years old, which is when I knew that I was a lot smaller in the chest area than the other girls were. I had wanted implants before implants became popular, often bothering my friends with the idea until they, once again, reminded me about how I hated anesthesia and how scared of it I was.

A good friend of mine finally took a little bit of pity on me, or so I say, and looked up different ways to make a chest grow. It wasn’t until I was 21 that she discovered Breast Actives. She’d been looking online for natural methods to make a chest grow and had stumbled upon a number of Breast Actives reviews. All of these reviews seemed to say the same thing: that the product worked, that it worked great, and that it was a great way to avoid having to go through plastic surgery. She ordered me my first order of the product for my 22nd birthday.

I started using the product immediately, hoping and praying that it would work. After a month I was about to give up, though, as my chest didn’t seem to be growing. I wasn’t taking a measuring tape to it or anything, but it really didn’t feel like the stuff was doing what it was supposed to be doing. I told myself that I’d use it for one more week and then I would stop using it if I had seen no results.

I finally did. That next week my bra felt tight, and the weeks following I felt like I was constantly buying new bras. This is an amazing breast enhancement cream that really, and truly, works.

Fatima, Honolulu, HI

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