Benefil Review: Devon

The internet is a truly amazing thing. It stopped me from going through an unnecessary and completely painful surgery. How did it stop me from having surgery? By letting me read Benefil reviews. Let me backtrack here a minute. I’ve always had a small chest area. When I was growing up, guys used to pick on me constantly about the size of my chest. I knew that I would never have a huge chest, but I wanted something that was a bit larger than what I have.

I started looking at plastic surgery as the answer. After all, if all of the celebrities were doing it, why couldn’t I get some plastic surgery in order to look and feel better? I not only knew all about the different types of procedures, I actually had figured out which procedure I wanted (before I had consulted with a plastic surgeon) and even had a list of surgeons in my area that I wanted to go to. I was just about ready to call one of the surgeon’s office when I started clicking on links. From one link to another, I bounced all over the place.

I wound up reading a testimonial about Benefil. The person who used it had gained two cup sizes in only six months. It seemed way too good to be true. I realized, however, that the amount that buying the cream would cost was a lot less than it would cost for plastic surgery, so I decided that it was worth trying. I bought my first order of the cream and began using it, honestly thinking that it wasn’t going to work.

I was really, really wrong. Within just a few months my chest started to grow. I noticed that it was getting more firm as well, and that it was retaining the initial shape of the area, staying fairly perky while still getting larger. It took a bit over six months, about seven I think, before I got to the size that I wanted to get to, which, for me, was a great C cup. Suddenly my clothes fit better and I was actually able to wear things that were really low cut without feeling like I looked silly!
I’m so thankful to the makers of Benefil. They saved me not only from feeling as though I looked silly, but also from thousands of dollars that I would have spent on plastic surgery.

Devon S., Kansas City, KS

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