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Benefil Review: Sarah

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Genetics is a funny thing. I have two sisters. Both of my sisters favor my mother, meaning that they’re fairly short and have very nice figures. Then there’s me – I’m the odd woman out. I don’t look anything like my sisters or my mother when it comes to my figure. I actually take after […]

Benefil Review: Susan

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I’ve never had a large chest area. Whenever I went to buy clothes or, for God’s sake, a bra, I would be completely embarrassed. I had a small enough chest to purchase training bras. The biggest problem I had was that I never felt sexy. The clothes that I bought hung great on me – […]

Why to Avoid Breast Enhancement Pills

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Thanks to technology and the fact that people are able to travel the globe much easier now than they ever were before, scientists are discovering old herbs that have been used in other cultures for centuries to help the people who lived in those cultures to change things about themselves or their bodies. These herbs […]